Downtown Lancaster "Peace Park"

Lancaster Alive Board of Directors announces new downtown park project.

LANCASTER, OH – Lancaster Alive Board of Directors announced today their intention to lead the effort to create a new park out of a vacant lot in downtown Lancaster. Currently, the property to the west of 207 W Main Street in Lancaster is overgrown with weeds and collects trash and other debris. Lancaster Alive envisions something more that could benefit the downtown and the community as a whole.

"I think the idea of taking a vacant, unused lot that is overgrown and neglected and turning it into something that people of community may enjoy is a good microcosm of what our group is about,” said Lancaster Alive Board Member, Kurt Lape. “Utilizing our existing assets and turning them into something that people can gather around and be communal is exactly what we strive to do."

The current plan was developed by Stonehaven Landscape and Design, a local company, and calls for an area similar to a Japanese Rock Garden. The design includes two levels with flagstone stepping paths leading from a lower section that houses a dry creek bed and landscaping grasses, along with stone benches and upright Junipers. The upper level of the park will play host to another flagstone path surrounded by pea gravel and more low maintenance landscaping. There are also plans to provide a sculpture pad, where a rotating outdoor art display from local artists could be placed.

Work is expected to begin sometime in July and volunteer opportunities will be available. Lancaster Alive looks forward to working with the community to complete the project before the end of 2013.

Donations through the Fairfield County Foundation Currently, the project has garnered local financial support from the McClelland Foundation and Lancaster-Sherman Rotary among others. However, more community support and involvement will be necessary to complete the project. For those wishing to help Lancaster Alive, donations are being accepted through the Fairfield County Foundation. Simply call the Foundation at (740) 654-8451 or stop into their office at 162 E Main Street in Lancaster, Ohio and let them know that you wish to make a donation to the "Peace Park" fund. The Fairfield County Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) and donations made to the “Peace Park” fund may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for more details.

Dedication plaques at portions of the park are also available at certain price points. For more information on this, please contact Lancaster Alive at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

More information on the Fairfield County Foundation can be found at

About Lancaster Alive Lancaster Alive was founded in late 2011 by Jeff Siegler, Brad Grywalski, Bryan Everitt, Kurt Lape, Arianna Everitt and Ami Williams. Lancaster Alive's mission is to develop a sense of place and improve the quality of life in Lancaster, Ohio by being authentic, embracing our heritage and celebrating our built and natural environment. We do several community events throughout the year and run the Adult Athletic League.

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For information about this Lancaster Alive board announcement, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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